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Clara Barton

Clara Harlowe Barton was born on Christmas day, 1821 in Oxford Massachusetts. She was the youngest of her 4 siblings by at the least 10 years of age. Growing up in a middle class family, Clara was home schooled until the age of 15, then she became the teacher.
As a child, in her spare time Clara enjoyed treating sick and injured pets and neighborhood animals. At the age of 11 Clara’s brother fell off their barn roof and she took it upon herself to help him recuperate, which later served as her medical studies.
As she grew older it came as no surprise that her humanitarian interests would lead her to a field of health, which she pursued until the day she sadly passed, April 12th, 1912.

In 1861 the Civil War had begun.
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Barton endeavored upon a new task. Two years into the war in 1863 Ms. Barton joined in the efforts of gathering the dead and finding the missing bodies. She helped identify over 13,000 men, publishing enormous lists of names in local papers as well as contacting family members of the casualties. With all that she was doing Surgeon General William A. Hammond awarded her a pass to travel with army ambulances, “for the purpose of distributing comforts for the sick and wounded, and nursing them back to health.”

“What could I do but go with them (Civil War soldiers), or work for them and my country? The patriot blood of my father was warm in my veins.” Ms. Barton was a battlefield nurse. She delivered food and medical supplies to the wounded as well as waited with them until they were carried to safety. She was given the title “Angel of the battlefield.” “Undaunted, the likely figure in her bonnet, red bow, and dark skirt moved on and on, and on and on. Working non-stop until dark and even after, Ms. Barton comforted men and assisted surgeons in their work.

Ultimately throughout her life Clara Barton led by example. When most men served in the army and most women stayed at home, Ms. Barton traveled around searching for new challenges to help the people of her country during the war. By the end of the war in 1865 Clara Barton had cared for most of the casualties from the “battle of the wilderness.” She was truly an American

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