Clara Oswald: Traveling With The Doctor

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Flying through time and space in an old public police box, landing to realize that you are in an entirely different time and galaxy, this is the life of the Doctor and all his companions. Doctor Who is a witty, sci-fi, British TV show, whose main character, the Doctor, spends his life saving civilizations throughout time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). He has human companions who accompany him on his adventures;one of these companions is Clara Oswald. I identify with Clara because: I would love to travel with the Doctor, she is very kind, and witty, and finally, she knows that she must pay the consequences for her actions.
To start, I would love to travel with the Doctor because you can learn secrets about history and you can help people. Due to him being able to travel anywhere in time and the cosmos, you could find out many historical mysteries, like Stonehenge, and Amelia Earhart. I would love to find out the reasons behind historical places. The TARDIS also inserts a translator in your brain so you are able to understand other languages, and people …show more content…

One way she shows this is when she occasionally outsmarts the doctor. Periodically, Clara can conjure up ideas that the Doctor never would have thought of. Similar to Clara, I like to come up with new ideas and be recognized as witty and clever, like when i figure out logic problems. Also, Clara can convince the Doctor to be more compassionate than normal. I too, believe in helping others, finding the good in others and alleviate their suffering. One time, the Doctor was recovering from a dark depression from losing his favorite companions, and although he did not want to assist people anymore, she convinced him to. I also show compassion when I do my brother’s chores for him, or when I forgive people after they were rude to me. I feel Clara and I relate because we both share the traits of kindness and

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