Claras Day

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Clara’s Day This short story by Penelope Lively called “Clara’s Day” discusses how a fifteen-year-old girl tries to find herself while she tries to live up to her mother’s expectation. This assignment will discuss the characterization of Clara, the relationship between Clara and her mother, the theme identity in both the story and a picture by Niels Strøbek called “A double life of the artist’s wife” and why Penelope Lively has chosen to call the short story “Clara’s Day”. “Clara’s Day” takes place in London around the 1980’s which we decides in the light of the fact that we have to do with a girl’s school, which there still is in England but the Head writes a letter to Clara’s mother about her doings and the general technology is not…show more content…
When the Head speaks with Clara afterwards and they talk about whether Clara was trying to attract attention or not Clara answers: “Well, I would, wouldn’t I? Doing a thing like that. I mean – you’d be bound to.” (l. 29) On Niels Strøbek’s oil paint “A double portrait of the artist’s life”, you see a woman who looks herself in the mirror. But the woman in the mirror is naked and has her hair loose. The woman who faces her own reflection from the mirror wears a shirt and a vest and her hair is pulled back. You are not able to see much of the woman’s facial expression since you see her in profile, but the part you see seems strict but also modest. On the reflection you can see the woman’s eyes, which tells us more about her. The eyes look right at you and you see uncertainty, shyness and too some extent fear. The nudity in both the story and the picture symbolizes the ‘naked’ person, the person you are on the inside. Clara as well as the woman on the painting has a shell and they both hide them behind a façade, but when they stand naked, they show us as readers and spectators the real them. Clara and the woman are symbols on the rest of us. Most people try to keep up and appearance so they can keep some distance to people and they also keep the appearance up in order to protect themselves from being hurt. Most people do it just to save themselves from hurt feelings and problems, but when you put up a façade some
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