Clara's Day

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Clara’s day A short story by Penelope Lively Clara is fifteen and a half when the story takes place. She lives with her mother and Stan in Britain. It does not seem as if she has any real friends or if she has a boyfriend. It is difficult growing up and that is what Clara is going through. She feels the seriousness of growing up and she is having trouble finding out her sexuality. She is a girl who is afraid of growing up and afraid of her own sexuality. Due to her lack of friends she is very lonely and demands a lot of attention. She finds it hard to express herself and her feelings so she walks naked through the school. She is very aware of the fact that she will draw a lot of attention and that the headmaster will send a letter to…show more content…
A responsible mother wouldn’t do that. Clara is a 15-years-old girl and her mother should not teach her stuff like that. I think this shows how less the mother care about Clara. She does not have any interest in Clara. When the mother sees the letter she just laughs. What kind of a mother would do that? It is a serious problem that her girl runs around at the school naked. In the end Clara starts crying. Her mother and Stan had just left her after breakfast. The mother had just received the letter from the school. “… and then Clara began to cry, the tears dripping from her chin on to her folded arms and her face screwed up like a small child’s.” There could be a lot of thoughts going through Clara’s head at this time. Clara’s mother just left her with out even think of her. This was another failed try to get her mothers attention. Clara needs her mother very much. She is going through a very difficult time and she needs her mother to back her up and to yell at her when she is doing something wrong. At this time is she devastated and crying out for love and care from her mother. Teenagers try to bow boundaries all the time and if no one is there to tell them that it’s wrong or just incorrect they will go out of control. Clara needs her mother and the attention, not from someone strange but from her mother. Bad attention could be better than no attention at
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