Clare Boothe Luce's Speech

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American journalist Clare Boothe Luce writes a speech to the Women’s National Press Club about how the press sacrifices sensationalist stories. Luce’s introduction talks about how the American press is wrong and how she tries to address the problem. She starts off by tells the other journalist how she is happy, but the audience makes her unhappy and challenged. This shows her hard work in writing and how the press lacks in writing true stories.
In the beginning of the speech, she addresses to the audience that she will tell the American press about the truth. Luce criticizes how the media write false stories and get full credit for it. She states that “I stand here at this rostrum invited to throw rocks at you. You have asked me to tell you what’s wrong with you -American press” (5-7). She wants her audience to have some background information about what they write. By using ethos and logos, her audience is going to take the feedback because Luce knows her audience. Her audience sees how she uses logical and ethical appeal to state her claim to the journalist in the room. These devices show that the journalist is being told what they do wrong and how they should try to fix it. She tries to weaker her audience and points out how they sacrifice and criticize sensationalist stories. When she wrote this speech, the time period was 1960 which means she wanted to address the problem sooner than later. When the audience sees and hears this it makes them
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She states many of her opinions on how the press should stop telling and spreading false events and ideas in the newspaper. When given the chance she tells her audience journalist about how the American press about her feels and how she feels challenged by them. Overall, the beginning of her speech tells the audience how she is going to state information and how they should listen to
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