Clark Anatomy Lesson

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I had decided to delay studying for my extensive anatomy test over all the muscles of the body until the night before the enormous test. I knew that my reasoning was not sound and I should have commenced long before. I came to the resolution to make an effort and learn all of the muscles and pray for a miracle while I took the test. The next day I trudged into my anatomy class with my stomach in my throat. As Mr. Nikiforow passed out the test I felt my nerves kick in instantaneously. I sat in agony as my classmates ploddingly passed the test down the row. I began to glance through the test and I knew at that instant that I would never make the same mistake again. When we received our test back later that week, little to my surprise I had failed. My first initial reaction was “this material was tremendously challenging and everyone else obtained poor grades as well, so Mr. Nik must have done an inadequate job teaching it to us”. I went through the rest of my day attempting to forget about the test, but it seemed to keep popping up in the back of my head. When I arrived home, I decided to address the looming thoughts in the back of my head. My sub par grade on the test was in no way Mr. Nik’s responsibility. The grade instead was a clear representation to the lack of effort I had put forth in studying. Prior to anatomy, I had been able to attain quality grades with minimal studying. Failing my anatomy test presented me with the wake up call that I needed.
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