Clash of Cultures

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Clash of Cultures
Anthony Reyes, History/110
August 21, 2013

Clash of Cultures

Native Americans and Colonist had sophisticated differences with so many factors, adding West Africans to the new world would contribute to even more catastrophic events to the three cultural groups during the changeover, the a chronologic and historical event leads to what is known today as the “Clash of Cultures.”

Native Americans and Colonist at Jamestown

Jamestown, sits in the fort of Virginia where Colonist first set foot and settled to the new world. For thousands of years, Native Americans have constrained these lands with a diverse array of tribes and historical symbolism not understanding why the colonist needed to settle in Indian
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Colonist brought down ethnic groups by force with unthinkable notions. History is explained and written by means of this culture clash.
West Africans had no rights and were forced to live as slaves by birth till the end of their lives. Some Indians and Africans were sold as slaves to other Tribes and other groups adding to this elimination process. It is evident that Colonist sought forced to believe their own religion and force it on the West Africans and Native Americans hoarding the lands evicting them stealthily.

War on the New World

Rebellion and turmoil were increasing among these cultures because of farming, for corn, water, tobacco and crops in the lands. At times Jamestown needed Native Americans to survive their arrival at the fort, during their dark suffering times regardless of conflicting events. The slaughter of the 357 colonists crippled Jamestown and ran the Virginia Company of London to the ground. The new leadership implemented in Jamestown was known as the “House of Burgesses.” This newfound order was headed by king, but allowed the colonists to have its own government and voice (Schultz, 2012, Ch. 2, p. 33). As the Native Americans seen the newcomers (Colonist) grew slowly in new numbers, and the motives to obtain the land were growing. And war after war was started for land possessions. The Native Americans Killed and massacred a total of 357 colonist. In return, Colonist needed to

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