Clash with the Hurricane- Personal Narrative Essay

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Clash with the Hurricane- Personal Narrative

I woke up early morning and turned on the TV. I could not see anything clearly because I did not have my glasses on. Only red flashing lights from the TV appeared in my eyes. I got up and went and put on my glasses. The red flashing lights that were coming from the TV now made sense to me. ‘BREAKING NEWS’ I used the remote controller and went and put up the volume. ‘Indestructible hurricane has blown over the Big Ben’ I could not believe what I was hearing. …show more content…

I had to get out of this city. The bloody, brutal, barbaric hurricane might come here anytime. I went outside.

The grey sky darkened from the blue, light sky of the early afternoon. It suddenly turned to a dark, gloomy sky with a mist cloud hovering. I walked back into the car, seemingly it was going to pour down. Heavily, the wind blew. I turned to shut the windows, but, as I looked closer out of the window, gigantic clouds started swirling together creating an immense hurricane. I knew hurricanes were so dangerous but, at the same time, from a distance it was such a magnificent phenomenon. Heavily, rain poured, hitting the ground with loud bangs like bullet from a gun. I was in my car so the sound was on the roof. All around ‘bang, bang, bang.’ I began to be afraid.

My mobile phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked it up. I looked at the phone screen to see who it was. It was my mum. ‘Hello, mum are you alright’ I said in a panicked voice, after knowing that she lived in London with my other brothers ‘Son, save me. I don’t think I’m going to live any longer. My mum repeated in an agonizing voice. ‘Mum, what

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