Class 1 Reaction Participants React At Training

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Level 1 Reaction Participants react to training Level 2 Learning Participants acquire knowledge during training Level 3 Behavior Participants apply what they learned on the job Level 4 Results Targeted outcomes occur Figure 2: Summary of Kirkpatrick Model Level 1, Reaction, provides data on what the training participants thought of the training. The district collects informal data on teacher reaction to their trainings through the use of a reflection form. Level 2, Learning, measures the increase in skill level, knowledge, or capability of using a new tool. TTT PT Mod 3 participants’ skills are measured using a rubric to assess successful completion of their training (Appendix C). Kirkpatrick’s Level 3, Behavior, is when the application of the skills learned in the training is measured and data is collected on the implementation of the learned skill. For the purpose of this study, TTT PT Mod 3 participants will be surveyed on the frequency of implementation of the new technology tool presented in their training. Kirkpatrick’s Level 5, Results, demonstrates the overall impact the training had on the organization. The district collects graduation data to measure the increase of certified teachers who complete the program. According to a report from the ASTD State of the Industry Report (2009), not all levels of the Kirkpatrick model are used in evaluating programs or trainings that involve e-learning initiatives. The data in that report revealed that 92% of U.S.

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