Class Action And Erin Brockovich Cases

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Negligent companies who don’t care about the well being of individuals but themselves are harming the community in the most brutal way. Argo Motors and PG&E were the perfect examples of Tort Law and negligence because they cared more about making more profit off their companies and not the well being of people; leading to extreme measures such as hiding evidence and scheming on how to get away with it. In this analysis, I will talk about the Class Action and Erin Brockovich cases, two cases that took a toll when people were severely injured causing death by failing to act with reasonable care. In Class Action, Jed and his daughter Maggie Ward go up against each other in a civil lawsuit where Jed helped people with legalizing their…show more content…
When in reality they were causing pain and suffering to the community both economic and noneconomic. They endured high medical bills and suffering for the loss of their beloved family members. In Class Action Steven Keller was one of the victims who was severely burned and lost his wife and son at the time of the explosion. Keller is in a wheelchair and is fighting for his rights. When this deposition was filed, Maggie was told to eliminate Keller as a witness because he would cause sympathy towards the jury. Maggie intimidated him with disturbing questions about his trauma and car phobia. This was used as a tactic to input fear on Keller, bullying him in a way and bombarding him with unpleasant questions making him Lump it and leave the room. In the discovery motion Jed was compelling the defendant to supply the names, address, jobs descriptions, and phone numbers from current employees of Argo motors, but by doing this it would supply an undue burden on the defense and it would be an invasion of privacy. Jed wanted all the information he could possibly get and see what went wrong with the manufacturing of the station wagons. Erin Brockovich reached out to Donna Jensen who was one of the victims who had suffered from complications due to the toxic water developing cancer causing her to have uterus and breasts removed. PG&E developed a statue of limitations
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