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Joseph Sulaiman
Alya Abourezk
Class Action Lab Report
To determine, through observations, the identity of substances produced in a chemical reaction.
Safety Goggles Stirring rod
Magnesium ribbon Solid CuSO4•H2O
Matches Test tubes
Copper metal 3M HCl
Red and blue litmus strips 0.1M AgNO3
Zinc metal 0.1M Pb(NO3)2
Test tube holder 0.1M KI
Bunsen burner 0.1M Na2NO3
Crucible tongs 1.0M NaOH
Water (H2O) 0.1M Ca(NO3)2
50mL beaker 1.0 CuSO4
Using the crucible tongs, take a magnesium strip and hold it in hot spot (just above the inner cone of fire) on the bunsen burner.
Use peripheral vision as not to damage your eyes and hold the tongs well so the
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Dispose in the waste beaker. In a clean test tube place 1mL of Na2CO3. Add 1mL of Ca(NO3)2 to the sodium carbonate solution. In a clean test tube place 1mL of NaOH. add 1mL of CuSO4 to the sodium hydroxide solution.
Chemical Equation Initial Observation Final Observation Type of Reaction
2Mg+O2 --> 2MgO shiny, metallic, grey strip white, powdery, chalky substance synthesis, combustion
MgO+H2O --> Mg(OH)2 chalky Mg and clear, colorless water create milky white, but clear solution Red litmus: turned slightly blue
Blue litmus: no obvious change synthesis
CuSO4•H2O --> CuSO4+5H2O cobalt blue crystal blue substance turned white, rocky, opaque-yellowish deposit, water vapor decomposition
CuSO4+5H2O --> CuSO4•H2O clear, colorless water, white, rocky copper substance crackling, white dissolved, created a blues clear substance decomposition, synthesis
2HCl+2Zn --> H2+2ZnCl Zinc is silver, lustrous; HCl clear and colorless Zn bubbled in the HCl solution single displacement, synthesis
2ZnCl+H2 --> 2HCl+2Zn Zinc was bubbling when exposed to fire, the H gas made a popping noise single displacement
2AgNO3+Cu --> Cu(NO3)2+Ag2 clear, colorless AgNO3; bronze lustrous copper balls Cu gave off bubbles and were coated in a black, near mold like, substance single displacement
Pb(NO3)2+2KI --> PbI2+2KNO3 2 clear, colorless substances bright, sunshine yellow substance
(residue, solid powder) double displacement
Na2CO3+Ca(NO3)2 --> 2NaNO3+CaCO3

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