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Final Reflection Essay
I was in English 111 this semester and this is my self-assessment on how I did in the class based on several elements. I will base it off of the four P 's: Participation, Performance, Progress, and Process. I will go in to detail about how I performed in these areas over the semester. I will also reflect on one of my Midterm skills and tell how I improved on it over the semester. I will then talk about my Overall Skill Development throughout the semester. I feel overall I did decent in these areas considering I had a lot of personal things going on in my life this semester.
The first "P" I will discuss is my participation in class. My attendance with this class was pretty fair. I did have a few circumstances that
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After those first couple of weeks though I came to class prepared every time that the class met. I did very well in this area and rate myself a 9 because I had my books, binder, pens, and my assignments completed that needed to be brought to class every time that the class met. I know I did not do good with being prepared for some of my meeting but there were certain circumstances that kept me from going and I could not make it. I hope to improve on my attendance and being prepared for meetings with the teacher in my next English class. I will change this because I do not need to miss a lot of days in class. I will also be more prepared for my meetings with my teacher because I need those conferences so the teacher can help me out in the class. Overall I believe I did pretty fair with this area in the class and will continue to improve on what needs to be improved next semester.
I will discuss my performance and progress based on two areas of writing in the class. The two areas I will reflect on are my essay writing and following the MEAL plan in my writing. I believe that I improved with my essays over the semester with this class. My first couple of essays were horrible, but my last few essays turned out to be great because I finally got help and more feedback from others. Here is a screenshot of my first rhetorical analysis essay. It was about if everyone should go to college. I did a poor job on this because I just summarized what the author did. Now the
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