Class, Dialectical Behavior Therapy ( Dbt ) Skills Group, And A Chronic Pain Group

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Throughout this semester I have been able to attend three different groups and they all have taught me something different. The three groups that I have been a part of are: Love and Logic Parenting Class, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group, and a Chronic Pain Group. The DBT group is the one that I have been a part the longest and will write most of my paper on. In this group there were originally three members, however, as of this week a new group member has joined. The way the DBT group is ran, is mainly a psycho-educational by helping group members understand why they react they way to do in certain situations. They are given homework assignments to help implement the skills that they have learned in that session. At the beginning of each session, the facilitator will check in which each group member to see how their week was and if the homework that was assigned the week before was attempted or completed. During this check in, if a group member expresses that they are struggling, the facilitator focuses on what is happening within the group member during that moment. With the group being as small as it is, there have been a few sessions where one group member is the sole focus. The group has the unique situation where the original three know each other really well and the facilitator, from what little has been said, see’s at least one of them for individual sessions. With having the new group member just recently show up, and one of the three not being

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