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Class Discussion #4: Chapters 5 & 6 (Health Care and End of Life Decisions and video) Consider the conversation is an interesting video, watching it made me start to think about where I want to die. Like anyone else I would like to die in my home with family, due to the nature of an illness or lack of support most times people die in the hospital without the presence of their family members (DeSpelding & Strickland, 2015). In the video, they talked about how family doesn't visit, and death is not witnessed by them. It is true that dead is missed by family most of the time when patient are in the hospital, and also residents in nursing homes also died without the presence of their family. According to DeSpelding and Strickland (2015) over…show more content…
This interview was very personal to me, and I could not stop my tears because my aunt died last year, she had breast cancer, she did all the treatments, but there was no guarantee. Working as a nurse I have been given orders for hospice consult, but I never had the opportunity to work with a hospice nurse one on one, therefore, watching the video gave me some insight on what hospice mean and how much help they render to family and the patient. Hospice does not mean taking away hope; it is misunderstood by many because they lack understanding of what it means. Hospice focus on the patient’s comfort rather than curing their disease (DeSpelding et al., 2015). Even though a cure is not a possibility, there is a lot more that can be done to help the dying person continue to live a quality life until death (DeSpelding et al., 2015). Dough story was fascinating it is indeed magical, and also seeing how hospice planned for a plane ticket for the grandfather to see his family. Dr. Walsh story was a sad one and also an educative, he explained the task that awaits him profoundly and his description of the 100 things he can do and how he loses them is a reminder of how his health is deteriorating.
The documentary Extremis is sad, the patient in the documentary has no hope, and they could not make their wish known. It is

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