Class Dismissed By Meredith Maran

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10905593 27 April 2015 Summary In the excerpt from a book entitled Class Dismissed, Meredith Maran discusses that students’ parents should spend more time on getting involved in their children’s education. At first, the author states that if students want to be successful, their parents and schools should play important roles. However, there is a big trouble that parents have different opinion over getting involved in children’s education. Some parents are willing to get involved in their children’s education because they have enough time and sources to do so and they actually get reward from their parents’ same actions. On the contrary, the other parents don’t believe that get involved in their children’s education is important and majority of them don’t have enough time and material base to support, in that case, their children’s life are going to be tougher than theirs. In the end, Maran concludes that we cannot expect all the parents get involved into children’s education because society is still filled with materialistic unfairness. 10905593 27 April 2015 Essay It is doubtless that most of parents want their children get a well-rounded education which will lead children to a successful future. Some parents believe that the obligation of educating their children only belong to schools, whereas parental involvement is definitely important to their children’s education. For those parents who are willing to spend money and energy on getting involved into their

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