Class Inequality Impacted Individuals On The Lower End Of The Scale

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Many individuals in the country are struggling to make ends meet on a good day, so what happens when disaster strikes? They are unprepared, have a harder time recovering, and their risk and devastation are increased in the disaster. Class inequality impacts individuals on the lower end of the scale. They have less access to resources to prepare themselves before the disaster strikes, and after disaster strikes they have even less resources to recover with. Lower class individuals are also at a higher risk of devastation during a disaster because they cannot always escape before the disaster hits or have the potential to live in areas that are less likely to be affected. Individuals with less resources are often times unprepared for disasters because all of their time, money, and energy is spent on what is currently happening. For many, they cannot afford to pay all of their bills on time and cannot put money back for emergencies that may or may not happen. A lot of individuals with lower incomes or no incomes are already living in places that are unsafe, and many do not own their own homes and do not have renter 's insurance because in their opinion that is an extra unnecessary bill. Some individuals are not healthy enough to prepare for disasters because they cannot afford health care and can barely work enough to stay in poverty and out of homelessness. In the case of homeless individuals, they have no resources whatsoever. If they live in shelters or on the streets
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