Class Location And Mobility Of The Hart Family

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Class Location and Mobility of the Hart Family My father, Ken Hart, was the youngest child in a family of five. His parents, Chuck and Sally Hart, had two children prior to him. The younger of the two was his brother, John, and the oldest was his sister, Donna. He grew up in Glendora, California in a middle class neighborhood where both of his parents worked at the local college. While the last three generations of Harts - my great grandfather, grandfather, and father - have belonged to the middle class, their individual socioeconomic statuses have varied due to many different social and economic influences. These influences included the college wage premium they received from their schooling, the increase in mobility they gained from their education, the varying structure of the economy when they were in the work force, and the life chances they had access to. Through the generations, the varying amounts of education, occupancies, and income greatly influenced their socioeconomic status. My great grandfather’s class location was in the lower middle class. He did not go to college, instead choosing to work at a gas station after high school. Through years of hard work, he was able to move his way up the chain of command until he had enough money and experience to buy the establishment and run it as his own. Even though he owned his own business, my great grandfather’s lack of education and low income were not enough to help him move higher in class. They
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