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Class observation
Class observation report
In this study, I choose to observe a primary 5 class in NT District. The lesson that aims to improve the confidence level of the students is made up of students who are weak in English. There are 30 students in the class, 17 boys and 13 girls. The gender ratio reduces biasness and made the class an ideal class to study. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how the class was conducted and the teaching methodologies of the teacher.
1. Pre-observation meeting
Before the lesson, I had a meeting with the teacher. We first discussed the contents and objectives of the lesson. The lesson is a speaking class which aims to build students' confidence in speaking. While
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She explained the rules explicitly that every group would send a student to the stage; he or she could choose a flash card which picture side faced to other classmates then made a sentence. The mark varied from one to three based on their performance. One mark was given to student who can only point out the object. The student would be awarded two marks if he could make a sentence with the phrase or read the phrase out very loudly. Finally, the students would be awarded three points if the student was able to make a sentence with the phrase and read the phrase out very loudly. However, the teacher did not shut down the computer after introducing the rules and the students could still view the sentence patterns on the screen. Although the medium of the communication for the class was English, the teacher used Cantonese several times in order to discipline the students.
Students were highly motivated at the beginning of the game; many of them volunteered to go first. However, the teacher chose students based on their seating location and every child had an equal opportunity of playing the game. The performance of students varied with their English proficiency. Some of them had difficulty in recognizing words like “waffle” and “blackcurrant”; and some of them failed to articulate clearly which was due to their unfamiliarity of sentence pattern. These students seemed to pay
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