Class Observation Paper

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I was assigned to Ocean Bay Middle School. I observed four different 7th Grade Math classes. Two classes were General Education, one was an Accelerated class, and the other was an Honors class. The school culture was positive. The students respected their teachers and the teachers respected students. The first class I observed was Mrs. Lepperts class. Mrs. Lepperts class started with going over homework and finished with a notes worksheet with examples for students to try. Mrs. Leppert effectively managed her class by allowing no talking while she was teaching and no talking while they were doing their work. If they did talk the class would receive a strike. There were a few students struggling with the assignment, so she asked students who…show more content…
Huguley’s class. In my opinion, Mrs. Huguley seem to be hesitant when students asked her to work out problems. While she did work out problems students in the back would talk, laugh, and play. I believe that if Mrs. Huguley was to separate students in the back she would be able to control her class. Lastly, I observed Mrs. Bennets’s class. During the entire class students did whatever they wanted. Although some students wanted to learn others thought it was playtime. Mrs. Bennett did not address any of those students who were playing and talking. Mrs. Bennetts class assignment was a math worksheet with note, examples, and problems students were to work out on their own. At the end of class Mrs. Bennet allowed students to work problems on the Smart Board. Overall Immersion Day was okay. I experienced both General Ed classes and Honors classes. Mrs. Leppert had the best behave class because she effective managed her classroom. The other teachers excluding Mr. Yane seem to not be able to control their classes. I wish the teachers would try and Math a little fun for students and maybe they would be more interested in the subject. If I would use anything I saw from Immersion Day it would be how Mrs. Leppert manage her classroom and how Mr. Yane used his enthusiasm to make students
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