Class Of Forensic And Investigative Sciences

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School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences Assessment Coversheet Module Code FZC007 Module Tutor Susan Jones Module Title Chemistry Student’s name Steven Winstanley Student ID Number G 2 0 6 3 2 8 0 1 Course/ Subject Applied Science (Foundation Year) Assignment Title/ Number FZC007 Assignment - Coursework ‘I confirm that this piece of work which I have submitted is all my own work and that all references and quotations from both primary and secondary sources have been fully identified and properly acknowledged in footnotes and bibliography.’ Signature: SJWinstanley Date: 12/04/2015 Submission Deadline 13/04/2015 Extension Agreed date: Extension Agreed by: Work submitted should be presented in the following format: • Double line-spaced, on A4 paper • In Arial or Times New Roman font in black ink Grade* Learning Outcomes To be completed by the student Module Tutor Feedback Illustrate the structure of the atom and bonding between atoms, molecules and ions State trends in the periodic table Understand moles, chemical calculations and balancing equations Describe and calculate neutralisation of acids and bases Understand bonding in hydrocarbon compounds Identify organic compounds and functional groups State simple organic reaction mechanisms Understand instrumental analysis (Mass spectroscopy) General comments: Strengths: Areas for improvement: If there is something you do not understand or some aspect on
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