Class Pgmt 502 Effective Communication For Managing Projects

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This exercise discusses the membership, social identity, and mechanics operating within the team informally known as ERAU Nighthawks. This team, originally assembled as Group 3, formed by instructor assignment during the August 2016 section of class PGMT 502 Effective Communication for Managing Projects. In addition to the group mechanics, this paper includes a discussion of the best practices for ERAU graduate course meetings discovered by the Nighthawks.
Group Formation
Group 3, the ERAU Nighthawks, formed on August 11, 2016 during an Eaglevision classroom session. By consensus, Group 3 designated Stephen Burton as manager after a self-nomination and statement of capabilities. The group quickly reviewed the skills, knowledge, and experience of each individual and then adopted a team name and a project goal. Table 1 belows shows the roles and responsibilites that the team members have exhibited since formation.
Table 1 – ERAU Nighthawks Roster & Duties
Member Role Responsibilities
Stephen Burton Manager Coordinates group efforts, submits group deliverables
Steven Duplessis Facilitator Monitors meeting focus, timeframe, and outcomes
Richard Frates Provisional Manager Backup if manager is unavailable
Jade Spradley Subject Matter Expert Knowledge resource for team project deliverable

Lussier and Achua posit five normative leadership styles: Decide, consult individually, consult group, facilitate, and delegate (p128, 2013). While all of these…
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