Class Size Matters!

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One of the most important parts of an effective education is the learning environment. The factors of the learning environment have a lot to do with how a student feels and how well they’re able to communicate with their teacher. Are they able to ask questions or is the class simply hurried along because so much needs to be covered and there isn’t nearly enough time to stop for every question? A big factor in creating an adequate learning environment is maintaining small class sizes. Class size has been a continuing problem in LAUSD in recent years due to budget cuts, but should the students suffer because of lack of funds?
Providing a small class ensures that students will have the opportunity to learn. According to an article from
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If you’re lucky enough to find a seat, you won’t fare much better. The noise made by thirty-two students in one classroom can be more than distracting and it becomes a harder and harder to concentrate with the teacher asking the class to quiet down every five minutes.
A larger class will affect a student’s performance in the classroom. Take the example of Shania Loaiza, a third grader whose performance in class plummeted when she was put in a crowded classroom. Being in a crowded classroom diminished Shania’s enthusiasm for school, according to the Huffington Post. Her mother was quoted saying, “It [was] the first time I’ve seen her struggle in school.” It was the disconnection from her teacher that affected her performance and caused Shania to receive grades as low as C’s and D’s, despite earning B’s her previous year.
Being an English class, the effect of a large class could be more detrimental to a student’s success than a different class. English is the only subject that is required all four years of the high school career. That means that, should you fail, it becomes increasingly harder to meet college entrance requirements, let alone graduation requirements.
An elective class or a social studies class or even a science class has a bit more leeway for failure, although any failure is not a step in the right direction. These classes have two or three year requirements, meaning that students have a bit
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