Class Struggle Explored in House of the Spirits and Uncle Vanya

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The House of the Spirits and Uncle Vanya are two famous international literary works written within a century of each other. Despite the differences in time periods of which the two works were written, they both seem to convey the literary theme of class struggle between the poor lower class and the rich upper class elites. Both elaborate on the feelings of resentment and regret as a result of the hardships of life around them as demonstrated through hidden historical connections, literary devices such as parables and themes, and love reminiscences. Since the beginning of civilization, class struggle has existed not only as a result of economic conditions but societal conditions as well (Thirteen Notes on Class Struggle for Discussion).…show more content…
There was the upper elite class of government officials, the middle class, and the serfs. If one was not in the upper or middle class than life was miserable. A lot of citizens had to make sacrifices just so that they could continue to live in the meager existence that life afforded. There was no place to go other than down and no opportunities to better themselves as an individual. Chekhov lived in a place where people often became depressed, bitter, and filled with enmity (Chekhov 60). Just as individuals in House of the Spirits had to struggle against their government to survive and increase their standard of living so did the people in Uncle Vanya. Likewise, both Esteban Trueba and Vanya made sacrifices in their lives for love as a result of the stigma of social class. Esteban fell in love with Rosa the Beautiful, daughter of a senator. Since he was below her station and could not possibly have been able to provide for her in the way that she was accustomed to, he went to work as a mineworker for several years so that he would have enough money to provide a stable home for her and give her everything she desired (Allende 44). For years, Trueba worked in a mine he hated and just when he had discovered something in the mine that would make him rich for life Rosa died. Her death would later cause him

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