Class This Semester Has Been Good

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Class this semester has been good. It was a well taught and constructed course. The atmosphere was always enjoyable unlike a few of my classes. Professor Airek created an open environment that let me as a student feel as ease communicating and being involved in class. We’ve shared many laughs and I’ve grown as a writer and as a student. I’ve learned that essays need to be turned in on time and stapled together. But most of all, I have learned to “never give up.” One experience in class that I won’t forget was on a Monday morning when we watched a deer frolic through campus like it was his natural habitat. It just really symbolizes our class and how it is based around random comedy. I can vouch that simple things like that and cracking jokes in class makes students more at ease in the classroom. We aren’t completely dreading waking up at 7:30 AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when we know we that class isn’t going to be hell. Even while we are having fun in class, we simultaneously learn things through either short, non-throat slitting lectures and/or interesting exercises. I say interesting because I’ve never done things in any of my English classes in high school like I’ve done in Composition 1. This is a good thing. The red barn exercise was one of my favorites. This left it up to the imagination of the writer to take over and conjure his or her own alternate ending with the prompt in a short amount of time. This helped me organize my thoughts better in my essays

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