Classest Analysis: Pestle Analysis Of The Indian Film

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External Analysis PESTLE ANALYSIS PESTLE ANALYSIS 1. Political • Government is stable. • Political pressure groups and leaders. • Entertainment tax on movie tickets. • Projects for film industry. • Allowing 100% FDI on film industry • Digitalization has been encouraged. • Cinematography act 2013 implemented. • Stricter laws on piracy 2. Economical • Moving towards Open market economy. • Differential Pricing in various states • Inflation. • Ease of financing of movies. • The Indian movie industry is estimated to grow from three billion to five billion. • Industry’s revenue is fromvarious movies from other languages,73 largely dominated by Hindi films, followed by South Indian films and other regional films. • Rise of multiplexes 3. Socio-Cultural • People of various backgrunds go watch movies with the changing lifestyle. • Health precautions regarding bad habits like smokingetc • Penetration to villages so that even they can see at cheap prices. • Parents without hesitation watching adult movies with…show more content…
Adding more seats to a theatre can be done only by reconstruction or alteration of the existing building which will result in additional cost. . The same cinema can be shown to the audience in multiple ways such as change in the screen type, screen size, 3D, and sound-effects and so on. There could also be differences in the theatre size and other additional features such as parking space, cafeteria, waiting lounge and other aesthetic decorations. Setting up a new theatre involves a lot of expense for market research, renting land, construction of building, decorations, seats and other facilities. Moreover each movie to be screened must be purchased. The break even may happen after a long time. The initial investments are high. Permissions required from Local Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department, Electricity Department; etc for movie theatres.The threat of new entrants is

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