Classfication Mixed State Hypomania

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ASSOCIATED DISORDER DEPRESSIVE PHASE INCIDENCE: DIAGNOSIS TREATMENT STRATEGIES IN MANIA DISEASE:44Lithium44Divalproex3Antipsychotic agents3Valproic acid3Carmazepine3Verapamil3RISK FACTOR AND ADVERSE MANAGEMENT_Toc3851970594CONCLUSION:44INTRODUCTIONDEFINITION: Bipolar disorder is associated with behavioural disturbances. It is characterized by mania and depression. CLASSIFICATIONMIXED STATES:In this condition, individual has co-occuring manic and depressive symptoms. Dysphoric mania is manic condition or agitated depression is primarily depressed. Mania and depression are two independent conditions in a bipolar disorder list . In this state the patient is more likely to behave in a dangerous manner which included self- injury(patient might hurt itself) or suicide.
Hypomania is a state maily called lowered state of mania.In which there is less need for sleep. OR Hypomanic phase is a less degree of mania with elevated mood and increased activity and energy but without hallucination.
ASSOCIATED DISORDERS:Hypomania may be indicative ofÿbipolar II disorderÿ.Several types of mania" such asÿkleptomaniaÿand pyromaniaÿare related closely toÿobsessive-compulsive disorderÿthan to bipolar disorder, depends on the severity this disorder. For example B12ÿdeficiency can also leads to characteristics ( some symptoms of) mania and psychosis. Hyperthyroidism is a condition which can produce similar symptoms

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