Classic Landscape: Compare and Contrast

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Classic Landscape was painted in 1932 by Charles Sheeler. It was painted on a canvas with oil. The First thing to catch my eye in this painting was how defined and straight the lines are. There are lines everywhere in this painting. I really like this painting because it’s abstract but not in a way most people would define abstract as. Metaphysical Interior with Bisquits was painted by Giorgio De Chirico in 1916. It was also painted with oil onto a canvas. These two paintings are very similar to each other but also contrast in elements as well. As I said before, there are lines everywhere in Classic Landscape. Sheeler uses lines to make shape in the painting, and even as detail in the mounds on the left side of the painting. One line…show more content…
Sheeler defines lines in Classic Landscape by making them black and very bold. The colors set the tone and mood of the painting. Both whites and blues are calming colors and the darker colors portray the importance of certain objects. Chirico uses many different colors in his painting. Many are very bright and exciting, which sets the tone of happiness in the painting. He does use darker color, but very sparingly. Most of the dark colors that Chirico used are for shadowing purposes. The texture in Classic Landscape is very smooth. The railway looks as if it would have a rough surface, but if it were to be touched it would be smooth. The details on the boardwalk created by lines make it come alive and seem very realistic. Also, the line structure makes the mounds seem a lot larger than they really are. Chirico also does this with some of his forms used to make the object seem way bigger than it really is. The texture used in Metaphysical Interior with Bisquits is also smooth. Some of the objects in the painting seem to also have a rough edge, but again if they were to be touched, they would be smooth. Classic Landscape and Metaphysical Interior with Bisquits are both balanced and well-proportioned throughout. The only thing contrasting in both paintings are the different sizes of objects. In Classic Landscape, the farther back
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