Classic Literature and Comic Books

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Because of the timeless nature of classic literature, it has a large influence in today’s world. We see movies created and plays directed over and over again based on the same stories created hundreds of years ago. Even though classical literature and comic books differ in many ways, classical literature has a strong influence on comic books. Teachers have always taught classical literature in high-schools and colleges as a way to help students appreciate literature and vocabulary. People read comic books on the other hand to get away from learning and appreciating literature to escape to superheroes and supervillains, in the battle of good versus evil. Classical literature has an influence on the characters, types of different comic books, and plots that are scripted and developed. Comic books have some of the most recognizable characters that people will ever read. Readers of comic books who do not read classical literature do not know that classical literature has an influence on comic books. Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland contributes many of its characters having shown up in a comic book at one point or another. “Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Alice, and the Carpenter have all had their merits (all in Batman comics, incidentally), Jervis Tetch as the Mad Hatter is the Alice-themed villain with the craziness and style to last as a top Batman foe” ( Specifically the Mad Hatter worked with an evil set of characters called the Secret
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