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Classical Principle of Argument - "What the Waters Revealed"
DeAnna Alexander
November 26, 2012
Lois Theisen

Classical Principle of Argument - "What the Waters Revealed"
Every writer wants to reach their audience and persuade them to his or her point of view. They want to show and maintain authority in an argument, whether in writing or face-to-face. To accomplish that goal, a writer should imply the three classical principles of argument; ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos occurs when an author gains respect based on his or her character. Authors use ethos to convince their audience based on his or her character. Authors using pathos in an argument, it persuades the audience through emotions. Logos supports the argument by
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Jim Willis’ efforts in pulling out a reader’s emotions are successful when he gives vivid details of what the poor people had to go through during the tragic times of Hurricane Katrina. Willis places his audience in the core of the effects of the hurricane and makes them feel as if they are victims themselves by giving visuals of what such tragedy caused. He expresses that, “The vulnerability of the poorest children in New Orleans has been especially riveting to many Americans, especially to other parents. Many say they had trouble holding back their tears when they saw mothers with their babies stranded on rooftops crying for help or jammed into dangerous and dirty places waiting for help to arrive” (Lamm & Everett, 2007, p. 491). This statement pulls the emotions of the reader in because Willis uses his own words to arouse the audiences’ feelings. Poverty in America is not something that an individual can make up, it is a fact about how some Americans live and have lived for a long time. Logos in an essay forms from how effective evidence supports the authors’ logics and facts. Jim Willis uses support from other sources to display the logos in the essay when he gave statistics on the poverty percentage in America. He indicates that the war on poverty has been around for years but kept invisible up until Hurricane Katrina. In addition,

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