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Humana Classic: The Classic plan, which is also known as a "traditional indemnity plan" or a "fee-for-service plan", has no provider network. Members can choose any doctor or other healthcare provider, and you don 't need a referral to see a specialist.
Humana Simplicity: When members use in-network healthcare services, they’ll pay no deductible, just a copayment.
PCA Plan: PCA plan combines a medical plan with a spending account funded by member’s employer. It can be a low-premium, high-deductible Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, or Point of Service (POS) plan. The spending account is a Personal Care Account (PCA). The PCA is based on the IRS 's approved Health Reimbursement
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Participants will be rewarded through a point system that can result in prizes like movie tickets, airline miles and music downloads. Humana members can accrue points for larger rewards like electronics and fitness equipment. For example, members will receive points for exercising, not smoking, regular health screenings and flu shots. The goal of this program is to foster positive change (Overland, 2011).
United Health Group
United Health Group developed Personal Rewards to encourage participants to make better health decisions by providing them with a personalized set of health goals — plus financial incentives to accomplish them. UnitedHealth Personal Rewards allows members to earn points for adopting better health behaviors. It starts with a personalized scorecard and health map members can follow to help maintain or improve their lifestyle. As they continue their healthy behaviors, they can cash in their points for financial rewards (United Health Group, 2015).
d. What are the innovations promoted?
United Health Group myEsayBook: myEasyBook was developed to simplify health care for consuemrs. This online service for UnitedHealthcare members enables them to make appointments with the click of a mouse. Consumers can search by specialty, location, and appointment date, then compare cost information for each health care provider.

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