Classical Approach Of Management Based On Their Type Of Business And Their Operation

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Every company has a unique style of management based on their type of business and their operation. Some of them are willing to take risks, some are at the top of the data, some focus on their employee relations, and others have the ability to innovate. Based on what is their headline practice, they styles of managements ranked between, Best Practicers, Data Champions, Controllers, Classics, and Forward Thinkers. The place that I have been working for many years Yata (fictitious company name) is a sales focus organization, and based on those categories, it falls in the classic styles. “Classical approach of management focuses on sale, and they belief that employees have only economy and physical needs. Job satisfaction either doesn’t…show more content…
At Yata, the management team is watching you closely that you don’t get full-time hours because they don’t want to give any type of benefits or insurance. Your value to them is only the labor work and productivity. It doesn’t bother them if you are short on maintaining your monthly budget because they are cutting their ours which ultimately increase their benefits . All they check is you are not working more hours than they want you to work. In this management type obviously regular team member has absolutely no contribution to the decision making or any knowledge of the profit that the company is making. The team member don’t get that much of salary raise annually either. Freedman, D., Villano, M. & Horwitz, C.
As far as the planning and innovation go, in this type of companies leadership has no innovation. They just follow whatever they are being told. So, whatever the district managers or their bosses see through the routine visits and tells them; they have to follow. I work at one specialized department of this company. I have my own direct manager whom I work with on daily basis. Ms. XX is my direct manager who has an academic degree on what she is doing. To me she is very good manager or a good leader. She is responsible for her little area to make it the most productive and to its best look. Between all the five styles of the management she is more “Participative” than any other type. She gives her employees the power of the
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