Classical Art Vs Renaissance Art

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issance art has reflected the work of classical art in many ways but there are also things that the artists of the renaissance period have decided to defer from including in their work. Some examples of things that the renaissance artist have carried over from classical Greece and Rome include the use of contrapposto in their work, the mathematical fundamentals in their designs, and the focus on the anatomical structure of the human figure. Despite all these similarities there are also a few differences these include the lack of pagan representation in their art, the ideal beauty created in the high renaissance and the discovery of linear perspective. When looking at a renaissance piece it can be fairly easy to see the connection…show more content…
One of the most recognizable difference is the lack of pagan representation in the art. Similar to renaissance art Greek and Roman art is still very religiously based, but the only difference is that one religion is Christian and the other is pagan. This creates a very different subject matter for the two types of art which despite looking very similar make them very different. The next different between the classical and renaissance art periods are the the creation of ideal beauty. Throughout the time of classical art and the first three renaissance periods everything looked perfect, but when you achieved perfection how were you supposed to go up from there? Di Vinci answered that question and in turn developed the high renaissance movement. He makes figures look beyond beautiful and furthers them to look perfect. This is a style that makes the high renaissance period stand out and in turn makes it so much more different with the classical art period. The last major difference between the renaissance and the classical period is the use of linear perspective in renaissance art. Classical rendering was near perfect due to the level of skill of the artists but not quite there yet, they were missing one this and that way a formula known as linear perspective. Once that equation was figured out in the renaissance period artists were able to create perfect architectural renderings defining this new age of
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