Classical Conditioning And Operant Conditioning

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Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning
There are two learning processes that are used, classical condition and operant conditioning. One learning process used is classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is a learning process in which a neutral stimulus becomes associated with a meaningful stimulus and acquires the capacity to elicit a similar response. I found two TV commercials that are excellent examples for classical conditioning. The first commercial I found is an Old Spice commercial. The ad starts off with an attractive man in a bathroom telling women to compare the men in their lives to him, stating that if men would stop using girl body wash they could be like him. The ad then moves to a boat where the man in the commercial offers the women in the audience two tickets to something they would enjoy and diamonds and then states that anything is possible if men used Old Spice as a body wash to smell like a man, not a lady. The second commercial I chose is a Nike advertisement. Throughout the advertisement there are young, attractive, fit, and famous people working hard to succeed.
In the Old Spice commercial there are three stages for classical conditioning. In the first stage, which is before conditioning, there is an unconditioned stimulus and an unconditioned response. The body wash is the unconditioned stimulus since it is a stimulus that produces a response without prior learning. The unconditioned response is an unlearned reaction that is…
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