Classical Conditioning Enable Learning

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Processes that enable learning Classical conditioning
Classical conditioning is a theory that was established by Ivan Pavlov, He suggested the theory while he was studying the digestive systems of Dogs. Classical conditioning is a type of learning where we are able to replace the original stimulus with a new stimulus and gain the same response. This is done by associating the new stimulus with the original one, so that when only the new stimulus is used it will create the same response. An example of this would be when I was in High School I was bullied by a particular group of girls who I used to be friends with, eventually every time I would see them I would become fearful and walk the other way, this caused me not to want to make any new friends because I was fearful they would bully me to, I also became fearful of going to school where I was bullied. The High School and the group of girls (who were my friends at a stage) were a neutral stimulus, until I was bullied by them at school, the school and girls have now become a conditioned
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Classical conditioning includes the use of the following processes; Response Acquisition, this is when we gain new responses to stimuli. Extinction, this is when we weaken the original responses. Spontaneous recovery, this is when the Conditioned response can return after a break from it, this shows that the response is never truly eliminated but rather suppressed. Stimulus Generalization, similar stimuli create the same response as the original stimuli. Stimulus Discrimination, this is when there is no response to similar stimuli and only the original stimuli. Higher Order Conditioning is when you add an additional stimulus to the original one to create the response, stimuli are
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