Classical Conditioning Essay

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1. While learning to drive a car, I have experienced the elements of classical conditioning. Conditioned stimulus was a car that rapidly stopped in front of me.
Conditioned response was depressing a brake pedal in this dangerous situation.
Another situation happened while I was driving during the night.
Unconditioned stimulus was a very bright light from another car.
Unconditioned response was constriction of pupil and slowing down the speed of a car.
2. Person’s behavior frequently depends on the environment s/he experiences. For example, attending university differs from hanging with friends. For example, during university lessons, people are not allowed to use phones, talk with classmates and pay attention to another things. However, while spending time with friends, people are allowed to talk with their friends, use phones to show something. So, when people follow the
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An example of classical conditioning can be experience during first two week of a newborn. For example, if a woman breastfeed, she holds her baby near her breast. As a result, in few weeks, when mother takes a child just to hold him/her, a child reflectively begins to make sucking movements. Another approach is operant conditioning. It concentrates on the reward or punishment of the behavior. So, for example, parents use this approach with school grades. If a child gets good marks, parents may buy him/her some toy or go to the cinema. If a child gets bad grade, parents would probably forbear from this present. Moreover, they may use a punishment, such as staying at home during the weekend or doing homework all evening. Parent can also use social learning. This theory is based on the idea that every person has his/her idol. So, parents can become an example for their children. If parents are able to achieve respect from their children, parents become idols for their children. As a result, children unconsciously start to repeat parents’ actions, try to look like them and think like
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