Classical Elements Of The Military Essay

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Classical elements of our military are organizational structure, principles of organizational reward, the machine metaphor, and the theory of bureaucracy. Many theories of management have military backgrounds that date back to the beginning of history to Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon. All of these leaders became successful through their efficiency to lead, line of command, unity, and division of work. The United States Military is divided into five branches of service. The Army is the the oldest branch of the military, and focuses on defending the country and is the main fighting force of the military. The Air Force works with the Army and is in charge of all of the satellites and nuclear missiles. The Navy ensures equal freedom in the oceans around the world, and protects the interests of our nation to be free. Marine Corps are the first ones to battle, and are responsible for delivering tasks on ground, sea, and in the air. The Coast Guard is responsible for boating safety and rescue, law enforcement, and controlling illegal immigration (Hewes 2005). These are the building blocks behind the reason why our military is so successful and powerful. In 1775, before our nation was established as a Country, colonists were organized into miscellaneous militias with no distinct structure or organization of a unified hierarchy. George Washington recognized the missing piece to the puzzle, and how the Continental Army would conquer and win the Revolutionary War.
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