The Influence Of Classical Greek Architecture In Carlisle

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Classical Greek Architecture in Carlisle

The influence of Classical Greek Architecture on modern architecture is evident all over Pennsylvania. Carlisle, in particular, is full of old buildings that utilize the styles of the Greek Classical Period. The Old Cumberland County Courthouse is a perfect example of how the architectural styles of the Classical Period have been carried out through time. This building is a historical landmark, located in downtown Carlisle, which was built in 1846 and currently serves as the housing of county offices (Cumberland Civil War). The columns and structure of the old courthouse mostly follow the Corinthian order but are also influenced by the Doric order in its simplicity. Both orders were used together to express the purpose of the building, which can be observed just by looking at the building. The design and structure of the old courthouse may have also been influenced by later architects such as Filippo Brunelleschi and Thomas Jefferson. However, the classical styles of the building are obvious and reflect the building 's use quite well.
The first noticeable characteristic of The Old Cumberland County Courthouse are its’ four huge Corinthian columns. The column 's base appears to be two stacked rings holding up the shaft, which bears the flute and fillet pattern that is consistent with the Corinthian order (Fiero 124). However, this pattern of flute and fillet can also be found in the Ionic order (Fiero 124). The column 's vertical
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