Classical Hollywood Cinema Essay

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Classical Hollywood Cinema Classical Hollywood cinema is a character-centered cinema. Its characters are more or less stable, knowable, and psychologically coherent individuals who possess clearly defined, specific goals. Although this cinema is also a plot driven or action cinema, characters stand in the center and interact with them. Over the course of the narrative characters struggle to achieve their goals or solve their problems. They overcome those who stand in their way (villains), triumphs over adverse circumstances (such as physical disabilities, nature or some other force) and /or transcend their own limitations (such as individual fears or weaknesses). The narrative ends with the…show more content…
In Vertigo (1958) former detective Scottie Ferguson who suffers from acrophobia, becomes the unwitting victim of an elaborate murder scheme. By the end of the movie he solves the mystery and discovers the deception, even though he loses his true love during the process. This is a good example of the Problem Solving style of the film. In Seven Chances Buster Keaton has to get married by 7pm to inherit $7 million. Keaton literally runs through the rest of the movie looking for someone to marry. In 48 Hours, the detective gives Eddie Murphy 48 hours to catch a couple of cop killers, promising to reward if he succeeds. These are good examples of the style Through Time and space. Another feature of the Hollywood style is its High Artifice, Invisible Art. Most spectators are aware of the fact that films are not real. That is the blood they see in Psycho is actually chocolate sauce, and the ships and attacks in Star Wars is actually using miniature models. Movie going audiences engage in "willing suspension of disbelief", because of the pleasure it provides. Another aspect of the classical Hollywood style is mise-en-scene. Films like Citizen Kane and Shadow of Doubt make use of décor and mise-en-scene. Camera angles and distance is also another aspect. Films like Citizen Kane uses the low angle shots as he stands in his deserted campaign head quarters and talks to his friend. In
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