Classical Japan: The The Heian Period

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Good posture Reader-sama! What are you wearing?! Defiantly not your traditional kimono! Wait…What? We aren’t in the Golden Age of Japan? Then why am I lecturing you on being a proper Heian Noble? Oh well, if you cant be a Heian, then why not learn about them? But, Heian Period? What’s a Heian Period? I’m glad that question ran through you head. Its considered to be the great golden age of Japan. It was a time of great beauty and physical labor. Many things were accomplished from the beginning to the end. And those accomplishments turn to great legacies. Because of these special attributes of the Heian Period, it became the golden age.
The Heian Period, also known as 平安時代 in kanji, is a time period in Classical Japan. To be precise, the Heian Period was the last period in it. Starting from the year 794 all the way to 1185. During this time, beauty was a major project to the Heian’s. “Every aspect of life was modeled around finding beauty, including handwriting, dress, appearance, gardens and homes.” But one of the most important was self beauty, as in making yourself look beautiful. Or atleast looking pretty during that time period, because today we might considered their ways of getting ready for everyday quite unusual and unnecessary. For example, when someone thinks of a Feudal era Japanese women, they might think of them with white faces and ruby red lips. This is indeed correct, many, if not all Heian women covered their face in rice powder. And…
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