Classical Liberalism Essay

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It is no surprise that liberalism is a vast part of our world. Liberalism is a vital school of thought in international relations because it embodies liberty and rights. With liberalism comes diffrent types since it was established and altered with the times. The original liberalism called classical liberalism is based on what our own country was founded on which is liberty for all. In the recent 21st century, we have come across a new wave of this theory called neoliberalism where it focuses on a global scale. With the 21st century changing the world in a plethora of ways, many international relations theories have changed like realism and liberalism. In this paper, I will be discussing classical liberalism and the new neoliberalism that has swept our world. Classical liberalism comes from as an intellectual response to the Industrial Revolution and the problems with urbanization. (Epstein, pg. 2) Seeing that humans are self interested and will go after self interested situations, liberalism was seen to be used to back that fact. With self interest, came the financial standpoint of which people stood. Classical liberalism is sought to use trade and commerce to drive a strong international peace and bonds worldwide while also limiting the government. (Epstein, pg. 6) This was mainly used between Europe and America since there was not a high amount of ‘worldwide’ trade like there is today. Now we have a bounty of international and national trade which make the world today
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