Classical Liberalism Is A Political Philosophy Originated

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Classical Liberalism is a political philosophy originated in the 18th century based on the idea of individual liberty created to preserve an open and accepting, and open-minded society. Classical liberalism is very solemn when advocating for the value of freedom in which emphasizes the importance of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets which includes free trade market capitalism, and economic liberalism. Up until around the 1900s, this ideology was commonly known as Liberalism, however, it’s now important to classify it as “Classical Liberalism” mostly in English-speaking countries. Worldwide however, Liberalism is a wide-ranging term that can also be associated with private property and designated with social, instead of social,…show more content…
John Locke, an English philosopher, shared some of the same ideas that Hobbes possessed. Locke believed in the power of a government to preserve freedom, but he also believed in overthrowing any government that violated a citizen’s rights, and as a solution, getting a new government competent for the duty of serving the people. Locke also believed in freedom by nature. “Everyone has a natural right to life, liberty, and property.” Locke believed in men preserving their own “civil interest,” by those he means life, liberty, health, and the possession of land, money, houses, and such things. He believed that all men are free by nature, and that “no private person has any right in any manner to prejudice another person in his civil enjoyments.” Locke also believes that God gave men the world to make use of it, therefore he values so much the right to property.
Another philosopher from the 17th century, and who made an impact on how political economy works is Adam Smith, one of the major philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment. Smith is considered as one of the source of classical liberal commitments, reducing state regulations on economic life and trade. He was very powerful with his argument, he believed
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