Classical Management Perspective

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1.0 INTRODUCTION: This assignment consist of overall four chapters .The chapter that have be assignment is chapter 1 Managing and the manager’s job ,chapter 2 Traditional and Contemporary Issues and Challenges ,chapter 8 Managing Strategy and Strategic Planning and chapter 20 Managing Leadership and Influence Process. The question on chapter 1 that have we done about management skills and how the management skill apply in real situation .The question on chapter 2 that have we done about the pattern of management development ,management innovation seem to draw on a classical management perspective ,a behavioral management perspective and the contingency perspective .The management science approach with less quantitative approaches and…show more content…
In contrast, although it’ll occur an obstacle which maybe would sidetrack his goal to become a CEO status before the age of 40. In this special assignment, Jack could boost up his interpersonal skills which refer to the ability to communicate with, understanding, and motivate both individuals and groups. As a manager climbs the organizational ladder, he or she must be able to get along with each and every one of the internal and also the external of the organization. Beside that, interpersonal skills defined as the set of abilities enabling a person to interact positively and work effectively with others. Jack could gain a lot of experiences and learn new things or extra knowledge by meet up, co-operation and dialogue with different types, styles and also levels of managers in abroad or overseas. Moreover, Jack can also learn the areas of communication, listening, delegation of tasks and leadership in the special assignment that offered towards him. It was an absolutely great opportunities for him it the path and process of ascent to CEO status. Furthermore, in my opinion I believe that the president overseas operations were thinking about the development of his firm when he offered the special assignment to Jack. This was the reason that the president offer such a great benefits to Jack in order to retain him to continue contribute his great work to the firm. The president had demonstrated conceptual skills while
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