Classical Management Theory Was Proposed By A French Industrialist

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Classical Management Theory was proposed by a French industrialist named Henri Fayol. Although Fayol lived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but his work was not translated into english until the late Forties. His theory look at management from two components elements of management and principles of management. For this paper I will be discussing principles of management, how working at The Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona displays principles of Fayol’s theory; as well as defining the relevant principles and explaining how my examples learned from working at The Westin represent the principles defined. I have selected three principles of management to discuss in detail: scalar chain, unity of command, and…show more content…
If more help or more power was needed to change something within the restaurant the Director of F&B would speak to the Director of Operations (the person in charge of him). Although it usually did not have to go up the cain of command that far, I think explaining how things were run at the Westin perfectly represents scalar chain. When a problem mocked employees were only aloud to speak to the person directly above them in the chain of command. I could never skip speaking to my manager and talk directly to the Director of F&B. This brings me to my next principle unity of command. Unity of command is defined in the text book as “an employee should receive orders regarding a particular task from only one supervisor” (Miller p 20). Receiving orders at The Westin about how and what tasks to attend to greatly resembled Classical Management’s principle of unity of command. All instructions that I received were from the Manager of Deseo directly. When the Director of F&B came in, we were all on egg shells, working our hardest and making as little mistakes as possible. When the Director would come he would stay for an hour or so and see how things were being run. If he had ideas about changes he would speak to the Manager and only the Manager. Our Manager would hold a staff meeting with the employees of Deseo and tell us what changes needed to be made. This example
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