Classical Managment

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Historical Foundations of management have been around for years and were first introduced by Fayol around the turn of the century . This essay will discuss three main points and questions around management, the first question will cover how modern management practices have evolved from the “classical approaches to management”. The second question will cover the challenges contemporary managers face in 2013 compared to managers in the era of the classical approaches and the third question will be around comparing and contrasting bureaucratic management to a style of management I have been faced with. This discussion will pay particular attention to Frederick Taylor’s scientific approach to management.
How Modern Management
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The amount of women workers in the work place has doubled over time; women in particular needs are diifernm It was cited in the journal article that Daft and Samson (2009) argued that rganisations are encountering new challenges to deal with diversity as more women and people from minority backgrounds are entering the workforce in the contemporary business environment

PART B (some personal reflections)

Scientific Management compared and contrast with current management style of what I have been faced with.
Fredrick W. Taylor published the Scientific management emphasises careful selection and training of workers, and supervisory support. It has four guiding action principles:

if you check your presentation guidelines on page 7 of the Subject Outline and the extra information provided in Resources folder under Assignment Help in MGT100 Interact site you will see that subheadings are quite appropriate in business assessments. You could set you work out with meaningful headings to help guide the reader through your discussion.
For example,
· INTRODUCTION (introducing both parts of the discussion)
· PART A -
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