Classical Music And Its Influence On The Modern World

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There are many types of music in the world, with many different artists, backgrounds, and stories to tell. Every genre holds within itself a message, and this message shows a glimpse of the past as well as the possibilities of the future. People everywhere love music for these reasons and more, and I love one style of music in particular: a style that brings me comfort, makes me question the world, and gives me insight as to who I am. Classical music describes a genre that, for me, means more than just notes on the page or in the air; the music speaks to a deep and wonder-seeking part of me that cannot quite be described using words. The true evolution of primitive music began around 1750 during the Classical Era in Europe, with the pioneering works of Mozart and Haydn, as well as many others. Deriving from these great composers, the genre further evolved during the Romantic and Modern Eras by encompassing a deeply emotional and expressive side unlike anything heard before. Indeed, these periods of music entail a vast and rich history of pieces written to please royalty, soft and haunting works of lost love, and vast orchestral suites that try to capture the majesty of the natural world. Such vast detail and eloquent composition allows the listener of classical music to immediately be transported to another time, another world, and especially another mindset. Other genres of music may contain hints of these same elements, but none can fully compare to the true qualities…

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