Classical Music And Modern Music

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Classical tradition in modern music Nowadays, modern music has created more colorful styles and each of the branch has their own personality. Different forms of music are all the responses to the modern world. It seems like the modern music has a great difference from the classical music. But all the modern music’s creation are on the basic of classical music. They have so many advantages to be the reference. Many good composers are in the shadow of the classical music. We could say if there is no success of the classical music, there would never be the explosion in music today. The relationship between two of them are very deep. If we observe this situation in a historical aspect, the modern music’s development on personality and innovation has an inevitable connection with the classical tradition in western music. The music in 20th century and 21st century are sharing the similarities of many schools and styles due to different culture, background and ideas. Many composers create new forms on melody, tonality, rhythm and orchestration different from the tradition ways. They acclaimed to rebel the old world and the exploration to the new world. Neoclassical school, expressionism, differential music, noise music, serial music, electronic music, incidental music, stitching music came into being. The production of all of these colorful and creative forms of music are deeply related to the nowadays gifted composers. Busoni, a famous composer and
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