Classical Music And The Music

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Classical composer Robert Schuman once said, "To send light into the darkness of men 's hearts-- such is the duty of the artist." Classical music is composed with such emotion it can leave an audience stricken with feelings after hearing a movement. The key is the emotion behind the music. It leaves listeners to wonder what was going on during that time in a composer’s life. Whether it was joyful and happy or depressing and dark, the audience wants to know the motive behind the composition of music. Classical radio stations are the perfect place to enjoy the music that started it all
Classical radio stations are a way to sit down and relax while listening to soothing music. The broadcaster 's calming voices makes it easier for the listener to transition from each piece of music to the next. Opposed to radio stations who play pop or rock, the announcers talk softly. The radio stations who play top 40 playlists normally yell and are excitable. Classical announcers are soothing and relaxed making the music flow smoothly. The ads on the stations normally pertained to the artist being played or the station itself. Colorado Public Radio advertised an ad for Beethoven 's greatest hits. They also were self-promoting the station in order to get the listeners to donate. If you donated, you got a chance to win a trip to Prague, a place where many musical greats studied and played music. The ads on pop stations tend to advertise local businesses and products that pertain to…
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