Classical Music 's Influence On The Beatles

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Classical Music 's Influence on the Beatles In this essay I am going to look at the way that classical, in particular baroque, music has affected music of the 20th century. To do this I have chosen three beatles songs and compared them directly to music by Bach and Beethoven. I hope to find many correlations between the two pieces of music in each case. The first song I have chosen is the song Blackbird. McCartney has claimed that the music was inspired by Bach 's Bouree in E minor, of which he and George Harrison had learned to play at a young age. Blackbird - Bouree In E Minor (Bach) Musically, the songs at first glance aren’t that similar, for example the song Blackbird is majoritively in a major key, whereas Bach’s Bouree in E Minor, as named, is in a minor key. This is a seemingly large difference but Blackbird is in G major and therefore the relative major key of E minor. The two keys are very closely related and add to the similarities between the two pieces. The Bourrée is distinguished by melody and bass notes played simultaneously on the upper and lower strings. McCartney adapted a segment of the Bourrée and reharmonized it into the relative major key of G as the opening of “Blackbird,”. He then carried the musical idea throughout the song. This song also makes use of baroque like counterpoint melodies. “Part of its structure is a particular
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