Classical Sociological Paradigms ' Crash '

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Classical Sociological Paradigms
The appropriately named movie, “Crash”, is a representation of how human beings collide into each other; a conflict in character, approach, and perception. The opening scene establishes the hypothesis of “We crash into each other, just so we can feel something.” This was the premise for the movie, as well as an example of Georg Simmel views on society. He believed that “society cannot exist without a number of individuals interacting with one another.” The film represented that our interactions with each other can be as shocking and life changing as an automobile accident. All the characters engaged in roles that displayed a diversity of power and behaviors that cultures have towards others as well as their own. The many sociological perspectives that I find fitting for the movie acknowledges the theorists Karl Marx, George Herbert Mead, W.E.B DuBois, Emile Durkhiem, Max Weber, Georg Simmel, and Talcott Parson.
Cultural history has a massive impact on the different ways the characters in the film related with one another. The gun shop scene presented a Persian man and his daughter purchasing a gun to protect his business. The Caucasian business owner repeatedly made racial remarks to the two, and referring to the man as a Muslim by calling him “Sadam.” The shop owner was expressing blatant prejudice against the man, associating him with the attack on 9/11, and treating him with disgruntlement because of his cultural ignorance. This…
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