Classical Sociological Theorist Past

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The Ghost of Classical Sociological Theorist Past
Well well well, Barrack look at what has happen now in Wall Street. You are the President of the United States you need to take charge and change society to improve it. Dropping 2,000 points is a lot but this could get worse if there is no change, Barrack make change not war.
Tonight you will be visited by three ghosts throughout the night, in the morning you will decide what you want to do next. These three ghosts will be the classical sociological theorists that will show you their own theories on the division of labor and social progress to make specific changes to American society. One will come after the other. Don’t fall asleep or they 'll poke you with their sticks (wink). Be careful and good luck.
11:00 pm Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Well hello Barrack, I see you have made some poor choices when it comes to the stocks, do you not remember anything from economics boy! You should know my name but I just love to say my name all the time, I am Karl Marx and this is my partner Friedrich Engels and we are here tonight to help you out. We will be giving you tips on how to improve your society with our theory of division of labor, heard of it before? (Obama shakes his head) I thought so, well let’s get started.
Well for me, Marx I agree with the idea that the division of labor is an important part of capitalism, but I don’t think that this idea is suitable for society. The problem with capitalism with division of labor is…
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